It’s time for us to announce five more shows for our upcoming tour in Japan, which is set to take place later this year from October 4 until October 11, 2019.

Carnation is thrilled to perform for the first time in Nagoya, Osaka, Nagano and Yokohama. An additional date in Tokyo has also been confirmed.

Nagano death squad Invictus will join us at the first three shows of the tour.

Tour Dates:

04/10/2019 – Carnation in Nagoya, Japan (Grind Freaks)
05/10/2019 – Carnation in Osaka, Japan (Osaka Extreme)
06/10/2019 – Carnation in Nagano, Japan (Nagano Extreme)
08/10/2019 – Carnation in Yokohama, Japan (Yokohama Extreme)
10/10/2019 – Carnation in Tokyo, Japan (Shinjuku)
11/10/2019 – Carnation in Tokyo, Japan (Asakusa Deathfest)

Presented by Obliteration Records Japan