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The Rituals of Flesh

Lyrics – The Rituals of Flesh

Deep below the cemetery crypts
A cult exists using foul magics
They worship the body as they sacrifice,
The volunteers who wish to meet their demise
Placed upon the altar of sin
The temple for a bloody cleansing
Knives at hand to let them meet their end,
Preparing for the rituals of flesh

Cut me up, my body is yours to take
Slice my gut, and let it please our god

The corpses hang to the walls, dissected, skinned, and stretched apart
Blood collected in an urn, suddenly a dark voice is heard

A horned form appears, hungering for your fears
The beast will dine tonight, you are in his sight
A demon from beyond, a hellish evil spawn
His eyes as red as blood, as he tears you apart

Digging deep into the crypts
Stains of blood are splattered around
No bodies were left to be found
A cursed home for the demon spawn