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Sermon of the Dead

Lyrics – Sermon of the Dead

In the depths of darkness
In the tombs of fallen grace
If you swear the oath
This chalice you shall take

Virgin sacrifice, pierced by his phallus
From his seed of life, the bloodline remains
Innocent blood, spilled for the ceremony
Blood ritual, anointing the new king

The son of Gods, a God on earth…

Encrypted in the glyphs of former masters
In the tombs the servants shall remain
Suffocating on the dust and ashes
Your lives have now been reclaimed

Madness becomes your new reality
As this tomb becomes your grave
Now you will be one with your master
For all eternity

Oh, It’s so beautiful
The sermon of the dead
Witness now the newborn king
Stand above his former self

Oh, It’s so sickening
The sermon of the dead
Raping innocent women
Breeding proud the new elite

Witness me rise now to my throne
Witness me take now what is mine
Witness me bring prosperity

Rise… Rise… Arise…