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Lyrics – Hellfire

Hellfire! – Raging through the night
Embrace your final destiny, end your wicked life
Hellfire! – Burning in your eyes
Envision now the scenery of your own demise

Welcome to this world of lava, this realm of endless death
Above you see the blood red sky, no sun to bask you in pure light
Torture sessions through dissection await when you descend
And searing pain is all you gain as all hope now dissipates

Through death is no… Escape!

Your deeds have brought you to me and here you shall stay
Heaven does not welcome those who have lived in sin

Your soul is broken, nothing left but a lifeless shell
Eternal torment, you will never be released

Approach now the altar and kneel before me
I will cleanse you of all life
Hellfire! – By fire be purged
Embrace now my fury