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Cemetery of the Insane

Lyrics – Cemetery of the Insane

Haunting the cemetery, ending the light
The full moon is rising, blasphemous night
The dead lay cold among the dirt
Soon to awaken in a foul rebirth

Evil deeds shall be done tonight
Satanic rites spreading unholy blight
Wizards with magic from ancient times
Alchemical brilliance, a medieval crime

Bringing forth the fire from the endless burning flame
Releasing black magic from long before his worthless name
He has no grasp of what he is birthing upon this land
Dimensions clashing vividly, destroying the timeframe

Awaken, awaken, skeletal remains
Forsaken, forsaken, this land is shivering in pain
Unholy abomination!
Cemetery of the insane!

Open the gate to Hell’s dimension
Demons spewing forth from the void
Reviving the dead from their graves
An army of undead as my slaves