Whispers from the Chapel


United Kingdom Tour 2019!

We are proud to present our first tour of the United Kingdom; which is set to take place in October and November 2019! Carnation will perform for the first time in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham and of course at the previously announced Damnation Festival in Leeds. We will also return to London for a performance […]


JAPAN AWAITS! It’s time for us to announce five more shows for our upcoming tour in Japan, which is set to take place later this year from October 4 until October 11, 2019. Carnation is thrilled to perform for the first time in Nagoya, Osaka, Nagano and Yokohama. An additional date in Tokyo has also been […]

Death Metal Overlords


Embrace the new death metal overlords with their death metal offering, ‘Chapel of Abhorrence‘!

CARNATION equals blistering death metal madness from Belgium. Early 2013, guitar player Jonathan Verstrepen created the band to show his appreciation for the old school death metal legends from the ‘80s & early ‘90s. Vocalist Simon Duson, bass player Yarne Heylen, guitar player Bert Vervoort, and drummer Vincent Verstrepen were summoned to complete the band, and it didn’t take long until the chemistry between this quintet to hit critical mass.

2015 marks the year that the first offering entitled ‘Cemetery of the Insane’ was released upon the masses. Tracks such as “Explosive Cadavers” or “The Rituals of Flesh” take you back in time to the better days of shredding riffs, neck-breaking drums, and skull-crushing guttural vocals.

The live rituals that followed were executed with stone cold merciless aggression. CARNATION delivered their bloodbath at select festivals across Europe during 2015 and 2016. Their next journey led them to distant Asia for their first tour across mainland Japan. This resulted in the infamous ‘Live at Asakusa Deathfest’ recording (2017). These releases, combined with their reputation as a notoriously impressive live act, drew the attention of fans worldwide and provided CARNATION with the opportunity to perform at several European festivals and saw the band touring alongside PESTILENCE during their special Brazilian tour in April 2018.

With ‘Chapel of Abhorrence’, CARNATION welcome you to death’s domain and invite you to witness them rise to their throne!

Offerings to the Morbid



  1. The Whisperer
  2. Hellfire
  3. Chapel of Abhorrence
  4. The Unconquerable Sun
  5. Disciples of Bloodlust
  6. Hatred Unleashed
  7. Plaguebreeder
  8. Magnum Chaos
  9. Sermon of the Dead
  10. Fathomless Depths
  11. Power Trip

Playing Length: 47:37
Released: August 17th, 2018
Label: Season of Mist
Recorded & Mixed at Project Zero Studio by Bert Vervoort & Yarne Heylen
Mastered at Unisound Studio by Dan Swanö

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LIVE AT ASAKUSA DEATHFEST (2017) – More Information

  1. The Rituals of Flesh
  2. Hellfire
  3. Sermon of the Dead
  4. The Great Deceiver
  5. Explosive Cadavers
  6. Fathomless Depths

Playing Length: 26:20
Released: April 1st, 2017
Distribution: Rock Tribune Magazine
Recorded at Asakusa Deathfest by Jason Gluck, Japan
Mixed & Mastered at Project Zero Studio by Yarne Heylen, Belgium

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CEMETERY OF THE INSANE (2015) – More Information

  1. Explosive Cadavers
  2. Cemetery of the Insane
  3. The Rituals of Flesh
  4. Delusions of Power
  5. The Great Deceiver

Playing Length: 19:39
Released: March 28th, 2015
Label: Final Gate Records
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Project Zero Studio by Bert Vervoort & Yarne Heylen, Belgium

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Servants of Chaos


Sermons of Death



Date Venue City Country Information Tickets
06/08/2020 Party San Open Air Obermehler Germany Buy Tickets
10/10/2020 Black N Death Fest Copenhagen Denmark Buy Tickets
14/11/2020 Bahnhof Langendreer Bochum Germany More information Buy Tickets


Date Venue City Country Information
16/05/2020 Vienna Metal Meeting Vienna Austria More information
15/05/2020 ((stereo)) Klagenfurt Austria More information
02/05/2020 Dreamer Fest Saint-Omer France More information
18/04/2020 Kavka Antwerp Belgium More information
07/03/2020 Skullcrusher Dresden Germany More information
06/03/2020 Helvete Oberhausen Germany More information
03/01/2020 Cinema Aalst Belgium More information
29/11/2019 Rock It Aalen Germany More information
08/11/2019 Birthdeath Durbuy Belgium More information
03/11/2019 The Black Heart London United Kingdom More information
02/11/2019 Damnation Festival Leeds United Kingdom More information
01/11/2019 The Angel Microbrewery Nottingham United Kingdom More information
31/10/2019 The Star and Garter Manchester United Kingdom More information
30/10/2019 The Gryphon Bristol United Kingdom More information
29/10/2019 The Green Door Store Brighton United Kingdom More information
19/10/2019 Evil or Die Fest Roeselare Belgium More information
11/10/2019 Asakusa Deathfest Tokyo Japan More information
10/10/2019 Dues Tokyo Japan More information
08/10/2019 El Puente Yokohama Japan More information
06/10/2019 India Live the Sky Nagano Japan More information
05/10/2019 Bears Osaka Japan More information
04/10/2019 Huck Finn Nagoya Japan More information
06/09/2019 Meh Suff! Festival Hüttikon Switzerland More information
24/08/2019 Tattoofest Nijverdal Netherlands More information
16/08/2019 Herbakkersfestival Eeklo Belgium More information
11/08/2019 Alcatraz Metal Festival Kortrijk Belgium More information
21/06/2019 Rockhouse Salzburg Austria More information
25/05/2019 Pitfest Erica Netherlands More information
10/05/2019 Nambucca London United Kingdom More information
20/04/2019 Paard The Hague Netherlands More information
30/03/2019 Metalworksfest Kuurne Belgium More information
29/03/2019 Underdogs Prague Czech Republic More information
28/03/2019 Naumanns Leipzig Germany More information
27/03/2019 Kantine Nuremberg Germany More information
26/03/2019 Schüür Lucerne Switzerland More information
24/03/2019 Club Thing Metzingen Germany More information
23/03/2019 Backstage Munich Germany More information
22/03/2019 Kesselhaus Wiesbaden Germany More information
21/03/2019 Club Volta Cologne Germany More information
20/03/2019 Café Central Weinheim Germany More information
19/03/2019 Lux Hanover Germany More information
18/03/2019 Klex Greifswald Germany More information
17/03/2019 Bastard Club Osnabrück Germany More information
16/03/2019 Beatpol Dresden Germany More information
15/03/2019 Musik & Frieden Berlin Germany More information
14/03/2019 Knust Hamburg Germany More information
22/02/2019 Cultuurcentrum Zwaneberg Heist-op-den-Berg Belgium More information
02/02/2019 70.000 Tons of Metal Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States More information
01/02/2019 70.000 Tons of Metal Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States More information
05/01/2019 Explosiv Graz Austria More information
04/01/2019 Café Central Weinheim Germany More information
03/01/2019 Backstage Munich Germany More information
02/01/2019 Dagda Live Club Retorbido Italy More information
01/01/2019 Titty Twister Parma Italy More information
31/12/2018 Graffiti Bern Switzerland More information
30/12/2018 Baroeg Rotterdam Netherlands More information
29/12/2018 Willemeen Arnhem Netherlands More information
28/12/2018 Helvete Oberhausen Germany More information
27/12/2018 Hellraiser Leipzig Germany More information
26/12/2018 Rockhouse Salzburg Austria More information
14/12/2018 Eindhoven Metal Meeting Eindhoven Netherlands More information
16/11/2018 Trix Antwerp Belgium More information
20/10/2018 Vortex Surfer Siegen Germany More information
19/10/2018 La Fête Ô Tarés Lille France More information
22/09/2018 Trix Antwerp Belgium More information
25/08/2018 De Klinker Aarschot Belgium More information
12/07/2018 In Flammen Open Air Torgau Germany More information
11/07/2018 ((szene)) Vienna Austria More information
23/06/2018 Iduna Drachten Netherlands More information
18/05/2018 Groene Engel Oss Netherlands More information
19/04/2018 Tribo’s Bar Maringá Brazil
15/04/2018 Rock Sinuca Bar Novo Hamburgo Brazil More information
14/04/2018 Wox Club Pomerode Brazil More information
13/04/2018 Jokers Curitiba Brazil More information
12/04/2018 Valentino Bar Londrina Brazil More information
08/04/2018 La Esquina Rio de Janeiro Brazil More information
07/04/2018 Vic Club São Paulo Brazil More information
06/04/2018 A Autêntica Belo Horizonte Brazil More information
31/03/2018 Hangar 27 Edegem Belgium More information
23/03/2018 Poppodium Metropool Hengelo Netherlands More information
15/12/2017 Eindhoven Metal Meeting Eindhoven Netherlands More information
16/09/2017 Grimm Metal Fest Gent Belgium More information
24/08/2017 Het Entrepot Brugge Belgium More information
17/08/2017 Summer Breeze Dinkelsbühl Germany More information
13/08/2017 Alcatraz Metal Festival Kortrijk Belgium More information
09/07/2017 Antwerp Metal Fest Antwerp Belgium More information
15/06/2017 Graspop Metal Meeting Dessel Belgium More information
08/04/2017 Gesrock Hulshout Belgium More information
01/04/2017 Elpee Deinze Belgium More information
15/12/2016 Eindhoven Metal Meeting Eindhoven Netherlands
03/11/2016 Trinity Grindfest Itabashi Japan
02/11/2016 Merry-Go-Round Shinjuku Japan
31/10/2016 Ongakukan Akihabara Japan
29/10/2016 Asakusa Deathfest Tokyo Japan
08/10/2016 Veghel Deathfest Veghel Netherlands
26/08/2016 Het Bos Antwerp Belgium
06/08/2016 Little Devil Tilburg Netherlands
30/07/2016 Rodeofest Wommelgem Belgium
29/07/2016 Elpee Deinze Belgium
10/07/2016 Antwerp Metal Fest Antwerp Belgium
19/06/2016 Magasin 4 Brussels Belgium
16/04/2016 De Kreun Kortrijk Belgium
03/04/2016 De Klinker Aarschot Belgium
26/03/2016 Elpee Deinze Belgium
18/03/2016 Avouerie Liège Belgium
10/09/2015 Death Feast Open Air Andernach Germany
01/08/2015 Schollenpop Scheveningen Netherlands
04/07/2015 In Flammen Open Air Torgau Germany
10/04/2015 Little Devil Tilburg Netherlands
28/03/2015 Nootuitgang Edegem Belgium
07/02/2015 The Other Side Peer Belgium
10/01/2015 Elpee Deinze Belgium
09/01/2015 Kamikaze Mechelen Belgium
20/12/2014 Witte Non Hasselt Belgium
29/11/2014 Fuego Maaseik Belgium
18/10/2014 Chemnitzer Metal Tage Chemnitz Germany
04/10/2014 Extreme Wolf Fest III La Louvière Belgium
21/09/2014 Kavka Antwerp Belgium
19/09/2014 Jugendhaus Wolfsburg Germany
19/06/2014 Trix Antwerp Belgium
24/05/2014 Den Halm Oppuurs Belgium
21/04/2014 Chaos Leidschendam Netherlands
19/04/2014 Plug-in Leopoldsburg Belgium
08/03/2014 Walhalla Sevenum Netherlands
07/03/2014 Kamikaze Mechelen Belgium
28/02/2014 Biebob Vosselaar Belgium
28/12/2013 The Rambler Eindhoven Netherlands
30/11/2013 Wit Paard Heist-Op-Den-Berg Belgium
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